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2019 Queensland State Championship

Online registration now open.

Events . . .

2 days time
North Qld Squad Training Coral Coast Judo Club
Mixed Training from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm for more information please contact info@coralcoastjudo.org.....
3 days time
S.E. Qld Squad Training Saturday 23rd March 2019 Ohori Dojo
Both trainings are at Ohori, Junior and Senior boys and girls from 1:30 pm to....
4 days time
Kata Seminar
Seminar content: Naga No Kata, Katame No Kata, Exercises: Tendoku - Renshu and Tai Sabaki....
6 days time
Dan Grading preparation course
Course will run from 26th March to 30 April 2019....
2 weeks time
Melbourne International Open
2 weeks time
Dan Grade preparation course
Course will run for six weeks....
3 weeks time
2019 State Championships
Friday 5th April 2019: 3pm to 4.30pm - trail weigh-in. 4.30pm to 6pm - official weigh in. Saturday 6 April 2019: 7.30am....

News . . .

Thursday night Kata training
Preparation for Dan grading, improve your judo skills, help with injury recover..... Kata training can do this and more. Come along and experience the benefits of Kata....
2 weeks ago
State Team Nominatons and Information Pack J.A. Sporting Code
State Team Nominatons and Information Pack J.A. Sporting Code Judo Qld State Team Nomination and Information document, and Judo Australia 2019 Sporting Code information are....
4 weeks ago
No Limits Judo
Judo Australia (JA) is pleased to announce the launch of No Limits Judo. Formerly....