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Referees Commission Roles   Filesize: 235 Kilobytes
So that all referees may
have the opportunity to gain experience and higher levels of appointment, the Referees
Commission is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that suitable courses and
practical opportunities are provided to all JFA(Q) members interested in becoming
involved in refereeing. Likewise, the Commission has the responsibility of conducting
examinations at appropriate times and locations to encourage members to achieve
higher levels of appointment and/or enhancement of existing knowledge .
New rules for 2013 to 2016   Filesize: 2 Megabytes
Outlines changes adopted or under consideration for adoption and some useful interpretations.
Queensland Referees - file not found!

Referee Committee

Graham Evans, Chair
Graham Evans, Chair
Rick Bruschi
Rick Bruschi
Committee Chair:

Graham Evans - OJU A Referee; 4th Dan; State Level Coach

Committee members:
Rick Bruschi - State A Referee; 2nd Dan
Maurice Mirabito - OJU A Referee;
Srdjan Andjelkovic - State A Referee; 3rd Dan
Campbell Dunstan - State B Referee; 2nd Dan