4 Sports You Can Try Out for Fun

Playing a sport teaches us more than just a game, it teaches us discipline, teamwork, achievement, defeat and of course exercise. Adults and children who play a sport are said to be healthier both physically and mentally. A sport is also a form of a hobby and can be enjoyed alone or along with a team.

Some of us were the sports enthusiasts in school, being in a range of teams from basketball to badminton. However, with adult life being a little more hectic, there isn’t enough time to play the sports we once enjoyed. That is not an excuse though, because regardless of whether your life requires some exercise or you are in a mood to try something out, here is a list of sports you can try even if it is for fun.


Yes,this is probably one of the most commonly known and played sports, but who is to say you cannot try it? Football is a team sport and you do not need to be Messi to play it. Join a group of friends or even team up with some work colleagues and go for an after-work game. As much as this game really works you out, it also helps to build up friendships and team spirit.


Golf is not everyone’s cup of tea but it is something to try out. A sport such as golf requires a lot of hand to eye coordination, it takes skill and patience ideal if you are a strategic thinker. Although it is an expensive sport mostly due to its gear, there are places where you can get cheap golf clubs. Drive up to a golf resort close by and give it a few swings. You might actually be really great or make a complete fool of yourself, either way who cares? It was fun and that is another thing ticked off your to-do list.

Kayaking or white-water rafting

Both these water sports are rather different from each other, but are both fun to try out. Kayakingis usually done individually while white water rafting requires 4 or more people in a boat. You will need to know basic swimming but if provided with the necessary safety gear it is a fun sport to try. If you thrive on adventure, adrenaline and do not mind toppling off a boat occasionally, this is a definite must do.

Rock climbing

This too is not very common but is also quite intense. We suggest rock climbing to those who really enjoy the thrill and adventure. The artificial rock-climbing wall is available at many places and gaming gyms so if you want to try something different why not give it a try.

However, for outdoor rock climbing you will need to be taken with professionals and might even require some previous experience. We recommend only trying this out with a guaranteed professional, as it is risky and needs to be done with care.