What to Know Before Your Water-Skiing Trip?

Whether you are a skiing pro or you are someone who is completely new to the sport, there are certain essentials that you need to carry and tips you need to know to make your experience a safe one. This includes skiing equipment, safety gear and learning safety precautions.  Keep reading to find out what the essentials you need and why you can’t miss them.

Know Your skis

If you are completely new to the sport, then your first step is to understand the types of skis that are available for you in the market. The ones that beginners start with are combo skis that are easier to manoeuvre and are more flexible than other types. This will give you more control when you r are engaging in the sport.

The other type is the slalom ski that comes with a double binding. These are easier to control when taking sharp turns and gaining more speed. For beginners, these come with a flatter bottom which makes it easier to starting athletes to stand up on them. The finally type is trick skis. These are shorter and wider and are designed to give you maximum control at lower speeds.

Essential Equipment

Once you have chosen your skis, the next is getting ready with the essential gear and accessories that you need to have with you. Life vests should be on top of your list. However, just choosing a random life vest is not enough. Remember that ski vests for women and differ from men. So, make sure you choose one that fits you right.

Ill-fitting life vests provide little to no safety in case of an accident. Choose a good tow rope.  A good rope will guarantee an experience that is both safe and exciting. Finally, you need your wetsuits. Wetsuits are to keep you warm when riding along the cold water.  Before leaving the deck and starting your adventure, make sure you carry all these with you.

Hand Gestures

There are hand gestures or hand signals that are used in skiing. This is to make sure that you and your team are doing safe and communicate effectively with the spotter. These include gestures that signal you are ready for pickup, okay, or you are done for the day. There are also other signals that tell things such as ‘speed up’, ‘stop’ or ‘slow down’. You will be skiing away from your boat and sometimes with a fair amount of noise so learning the gestures will help to speak with the others.

Know Where You Are

It is very important to know your surrounding when you are engaging in extreme or adventurous sport. For first timers, it is even more important to know the area and not try out areas that are dangerous or risky. Know the potential hazards of your destination, the boundaries and the depth of the water.

Even the coolest activities need some extra precaution. This will ensure that you and your team are protected. Make sure you have fun but not without risking your safety.