Birthday Gifts for Your Brother

There is rarely any family in the world where the brother and sister don’t argue or fight but no matter how much you fight and argue the first person to whack the one who hurts you would be your brother. Although the two might not show how much they mean and love each other by words they are always there when you something troubles you and in your good times. A brother is such a significant figure in one’s life and with the birthday of such a person approaching you want to give the best gift out there that shows how much he means to you.

Video montage

One thing you can do is create a montage, it is beautiful way to relive memories or to send a birthday wish, you can get in contact with all his friends and ask them to send a birthday wish in a video format and you can compile them together making the necessary edit.

You can make a montage with only the memories you two shared as well, while you are making it put in some funny things as well.

Sports related equipment

If your brother is someone who plays some sport, you can get stuff related to that sport. For example, if he is someone who plays cricket, he would love it if he received a new bat or a ball. If he is someone who plays soccer, he would love to receive merchandise from a soccer store online. This doesn’t have to be always something related to sports maybe he is in to music then get him his favourite piece.

Photo frame

Photos are memories captured, make a photo frame from the pictures of two of you as a gift and it would be memorable every time, he sees it.


Most boys love shoes and if your brother is one of them you can get him a classy shoe for his birthday. If he has a particular brand, he likes try to get from it.

Plan a surprise birthday

You can communicate with his friends and arrange a birthday party, discuss with them where you are going to hold it and casually take him out and bring him to the surprise.


Wearing a cool watch gives a good look to the person. Get your brother a cool looking watch which when he wears everyday would remind him of you.

Buy his favourite book

If your brother is an avid reader, he would love to receive books on his birthday, if you are aware of a collection, he wants to read you can order that and have it delivered on his birthday.

Buying him a game

Most boys nowadays are into video games, he may have a gaming console and if there is any game, he has been thinking of getting you can get that for his birthday.


A funky looking t-shirt with a nice quote makes a really good gift or you can gift him a merch of any his favourite game or anything else he is interested.